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01.02.12 - WWW 2012
Our demo paper 'GovWILD: Integrating Open Government Data for Transparency' has been accepted for WWW 2012 demo track!

17.01.12 - HPI TV
HPI TV releases a video about our Government Data Integration platform. The video is only available in German.
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The United States congress data we use, provides information about former congress members. Furthermore it provides some biographical information to these members. It is one of just a few sources that provide implicit person relationship data. Implicit means here, that the relations are mentioned in a text of natural speech and have to be extracted from that. This can be very tricky, because often two persons in a relation only differ by a middle name, e.g. sons are named as their fathers.
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Hinweis GovWILD wird von einem deutschen Team entwickelt und behandelt auch deutsche Daten. Trotzdem ist die gesamte Applikation in Englisch, da international die meisten Daten in Englisch verfügbar sind. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis.